You Are The Sun

The spiritual path is a long and treacherous one at times. It can be smooth, but there can also be a lot of potholes and detours along the way. One of the most difficult parts can be recognizing when the ego rears its ugly head. What makes it such a challenge is that it has become extremely skillful at hiding itself. As bold as the ego may be it never wants to be fully in the spotlight. It is more than happy being behind the scenes pulling the strings, and when you don’t know it is happening is when it has exerted full control. The ego loves it when it has fooled you into believing that something you are doing was your idea. This way it can remain in the shadows while you are the one who has to deal with the mess when everything blows up in your face.

Exposing the ego and its many manifestations is a pillar of spiritual practice. You will not get far without it. I truly do not want to get negative, and making the ego your enemy is not the answer either. Instead I want to talk about shedding light on it. I want you to make friends with this opposing force. Because fighting the false “I” will only strengthen its resolve, and what you resist persists. You have to face it with your whole being. The good news is that your being can be compared to the sun, and the ego is the size of the moon. It can cover up the rays of the sun, but cannot consume it. It is just that we get so caught up in the created world that we mistake the moon for the sun. We forget who we are so much because it is part of the process of waking up. It is the dance between form and the formless, and it is easier to forget than it is to remember.

Challenges are necessary for this waking up process. Without it no one would grow. In fact nothing gets done without it. If you didn’t challenge your mind occasionally it would weaken, and if you didn’t push your body ever it would deteriorate at an accelerated rate. So goes your spiritual practice, you need to feel the pain, experience being uncomfortable, and challenge your belief system. The system, as it were, is nothing but another mental structure. An egoic safety net to remain in control. You see, taking the easy way out all the time is detrimental to our spirit. Spiritual practice is more of an art than a science. Although you may learn techniques and methods to free yourself, you don’t want to be bound by them either. You may just end up becoming good at the technique instead of raising your consciousness level. There is no naturalness.

It is so important to know all of this before you go into that sacred space of silence, no matter what practice or discipline you may follow. In the end all of it must serve you. You are the master. Otherwise you will remain a slave to the EGO.

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