Spiritual Relations

We are all bridges to the source. Since this is so, it is important to bring awareness to all of our relationships. These connections are an extension of our spiritual practice, and are good, honest indications of our progress on the path. They act as a mirror and reflect the way we’ve been treating othersContinue reading “Spiritual Relations”

Play Your Own Music

Are you the composer of your life or are you the composed? Do you play the music of someone else? If you answered yes to the second question, you are letting your reactions dictate the tempo of your life. Others will make decisions for you whenever you give away that freedom to choose. It mayContinue reading “Play Your Own Music”

Gifts Are Presence

We are all like unopened gifts walking around, but sometimes we are also like little kids the day before a birthday, anxious and impatient trying to guess what’s inside. Why do we need to figure each other out? It is so much more satisfying to be pleasantly surprised by the loving action of a friend,Continue reading “Gifts Are Presence”