“Join me in the most important endeavor you will ever embark upon.”


Victor experienced a spiritual awakening at the age of twenty-nine after great personal loss, and now seventeen years later it remains the defining moment in his life. As a martial arts practitioner for the last twenty-five years, he had his first flash of insight while performing a complicated movement without any thought involved. This was the catalyst that began his quest to go within for answers to life’s most complex problems.

In 2003 Victor started an Eckhart Tolle meditation group after reading the groundbreaking book, The Power of Now. He facilitated that group while guiding others on their path of awakening.

Recently he directed, wrote and produced two short documentaries called The Ego and Me, and Mental Health Unplugged. The Ego and Me was heavily influenced by Eckhart Tolle’s teaching that the ego is just a mind identified state that could be transcended through the practice of being present.

Victor started From Now In because his hope is to show others there is a better way to live. Awareness of the now is the means of awakening your inner guide, and return to being who you truly are.

Begin your journey with me today.