Presents or Presence?

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It is interesting how the gap between wanting and getting dictates our gratitude for what we receive in life. Less time usually means less gratitude, and more time usually means more.

Getting what you want easily is just instant gratification. You can observe this in children when they open a gift, and then how quickly they toss it aside when the next one is offered to them. As adults we continue this by ordering delights online, and then wait like a kid on Christmas Eve.

What can we learn by knowing this? Well, it can teach us to be more present when we are waiting, or it can teach us to appreciate the process more. Did I enjoy the steps I was taking or were they just a means to an end to be tossed aside? If we don’t enjoy what we do then what does it mean to accomplish our goals?

In reality there are no goals in spiritual practice. Being present is the gift of being who you are no matter what you happen to be doing.

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