Pay It Backward

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To be motivated by fear is to be fooled by the illusion of control. Whether it is projected inward or outwardly toward another person, group, or life circumstance. Any type of negative emotion unchecked is an attempt to control the above. Symptoms of this condition are labeling, and judgements. Being right is the apparition presented by the ego to sway you in the direction that would lead to suffering at the expense of your well being. The soul is the ego’s currency, but you are the one who pays for it. If only humans could see the true size of the ego. Instead, we constantly look at it through a magnifying glass. It does need to be seen, but only through conscious awareness. Then the monster turns into a scared little child.

2 thoughts on “Pay It Backward

  1. Very insightful. Thank you for the reminder that one needs to look at negative emotions with honest curiosity and remember that the ego distorts reality.

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