Do You Want What You Have?

Gratitude is one of the most important practices for a seeker to have in their repertoire. This is the art of appreciation for what you already have in your life. It brings you home those times when the mind has pulled you into a lull of desire.

The reason why the ego is so effective is because what you have no longer possesses the luster it once had. In reality, though, it never did. We are just attached to the excitement of the prospect of ownership, and with ownership comes the illusion of control. This so-called control gives us a false sense of security. Things are at their shiniest before we ever possess them. It has been said that there are two causes of pain. One is not getting what you want, and the other is getting what you want. Before you get it there is the suffering that comes with lack because you believe something is missing. There is a void. Once you do attain it there is the distress that goes along with the fear of loss or an expectation unfulfilled. Back to square one no more the wiser. If only we could see it, or better yet, see ourselves.

Humanity has become lost in the pleasure of this world of form. The pleasure which is used as an anesthetic to make the pain go away, but all it does is mask it. Since it only covers it up, this means there will be a continuation of this cycle. So instead of looking for the root cause, we’ll just fool ourselves into believing that what we were seeking/wanting wasn’t good enough. There must be something out there which will be the solution to our discontent, boredom, and so on. The ego would have it no other way. Nothing that is outside of ourselves will ever be sufficient.

The bedrock of all abundance is expressing gratitude before you have received, and it shall be given to you. Let me be clear about something. There is absolutely nothing wrong with wanting. If you didn’t have a desire to be free, then you wouldn’t be reading these words. But we have to be real and recognize that wanting without awareness quickly turns into obsession. Obsession leads to unhealthy behavior.

Your job is to bring awareness to all aspects of living. Never become completely consumed by any one thing. If you do, then the road back will be much more complicated and difficult. Whenever you practice awareness you are leaving breadcrumbs so to speak. At no time will you get lost in anything whenever you are totally present. Look without judgment, and see if whatever you are wanting is the product of necessity or ego. It really is that simple. Keep remembering and know that forgetting is a big part of waking up.

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