Take Your Power Back

Power implies many things in our modern day society. It has both negative and positive connotations depending on who or what you are talking about. The way I would like to address it has nothing to do with establishing dominance over any person or situation. Having control in that way would mean the ego has taken over completely. So let us just table this discussion for another edition of this blog.

What I wanted to get into is when a person or situation has established dominance over you. For instance, when you have become angry or display a negative emotional reaction to an occurrence. Someone has criticized, or questioned your ability to accomplish a task as an example. You then immediately take a defensive position to either riposte or withdraw. This is the classic fight or flight situation. Often referred to as the lizard brain. One is an attack and the other is a sinking into the victim role. Both are forms of control, and control is a form of violence. Even though you may believe responding in this manner gives you an upper hand, it doesn’t, because you are now in the firm grip of identity. You have just given your power away.

How did this happen? When the present moment isn’t your essential state of being, you will respond to a situation in a conditioned way. You had no choice in the matter. Choice implies presence, a clear space in which to access that deeper state of being. The mental practice of over-reacting to things has been repeated many thousands of times during your lifespan. But don’t judge yourself too harshly, and refrain from blaming others for it either. This would just keep the cycle alive. Stop spinning that karmic wheel so to speak. You’re not doomed to stay this way forever.

How do I take my power back? The first step is reading these words, and if it makes some sense, you have just created some space. Another positive takeaway is you now see how this mechanism functions in your mind when you encounter that form of stress. You just exposed the ego, and are no longer a slave to it all the time. A separation has occurred, which in turn generates more room to react differently or not react at all. You will experience an inner freedom which has no comparison. Going forward you are now open for a new you to enter. The real you without any of the baggage of past mistakes, or the fear of making more mistakes. Then you can nurture this state of being with meditation, watching the thoughts without judgment, choosing not to react and then seeing what happens inside. Apply a playful nature to this practice. Even laugh at some of the strange thoughts that appear. Take your power back.

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