E = Motion + Pain

Emotions are where we can get stuck. We become them instead of experiencing them. We create an environment for which they can linger longer than needed. When you are in a state of confusion, struggling to comprehend this sudden turn of events that caused the inner turmoil, you begin to dig a mental ditch. We don’t know what to do with it. Instead of feeling whole we just feel the hole. We then try to fill it through food, sex, drugs, fill in the blank, but that is just a cover-up. This only serves to make you feel even worse, because avoidance of pain makes it grow even stronger. You start yelling at your spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, kids, drivers on the road, because you’re just trying to rid yourself of those bad feelings. Breakdown! You become sick of feeling this way, then you finally let go because it’s too painful and exhausting to hold onto any longer.

So, how do we get rid of these weapons of mass confusion? The answer is… don’t even try. Instead, accept what is happening within. Begin to feel them more deeply so that you can see them coming before they take over. A space will suddenly be created around them. You see, emotions need room to move, and this will give you more room to breathe. This is NOT a sign of weakness, it takes great strength to weather the storm. When you experience emotions instead of becoming a victim, you don’t give them a place to hide where they’re allowed to fester, and manifest some destructive behavior. After all they are a part of you, therefore it is your responsibility to find out what to do with them. Freedom arises the moment you realize you no longer need to run away from the pain. Use it as motivation to be free.

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