Be The Doing

Consistency in and of itself is a mantra. It is something said or done over and over to achieve some sort of proficiency. This can take the form of meditation, yoga, work, affirmations, or self talk that guides you to the place where wisdom is born.

You can give anything you do or say a higher quality when you introduce being into it. So, is your practice a priority, or is it just something that you’ll get to when life isn’t so hectic? That will never happen as long as the ego continues to convince you that you’re not ready because, insert excuse here.

All it takes is a moment of awareness here and there throughout your day. Yes, it can be difficult at times to give something mediocre or tedious deeper meaning, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t possible. By now you know it has nothing to do with what you are doing, and everything to do with how you are looking at whatever it is you happen to be doing.

To attain true skill one must put aside all judgements, and place the whole of who you are into whichever activity you are participating in right now.

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