Body Of Work

When one is on this journey of discovery and wisdom, it can be difficult to catch every disguise of the ego. It has had many years of practice at hiding in plain sight. A common one that most miss is the physical aspect of the ego.

For instance, after many years of depression, anger etc., the body may slouch as if to shield itself from the attack of others. This is a preemptive move on the part of the one who lives in fear. You may be able to camouflage yourself from the world around you, but you can never hide from the ego. Have you noticed this yet?

When speaking, do you look at someone in the eyes, or are you afraid of what they may see? Do you look down when you walk around town, or do you look at what’s in front and face all that is? When listening, do you scrunch your face in disbelief of the other, or does it show clarity? Do you clench your fist when someone disagrees with you, or are they loose and relaxed?

Your body and the way you carry yourself can reveal that which may have been hidden for many years.

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