Gaining Access To The Present Moment Is The Key

Awareness of the NOW has always been the opening for inner transformation. Learn how to make the present moment your primary state of being. Take that next step.

Meet other like minded people in a group online guided meditation and inquiry.

Learn new ways to manage negative reactions and return to the present moment.

Personal sessions from the comfort of your own home through video chat or by phone.

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Being The Mantra

Meditation comes in many forms, and it is important to bring this to everything you say and do. Make all of it higher quality. In this video I talk about giving meaning to the most simple actions throughout your day. Then your whole life becomes a spiritual practice.

The Joy Of What Is

As the saying goes, acceptance is home, and it’s important to apply this to all aspects of life. Change doesn’t happen without it. Before one can effect change in the world, one must see it without judgement. Consciousness isn’t sustainable without acceptance.

Connecting Within & Without

Take a presence break with today’s daily meditation. This video installment explains that the way we relate to others is the only way to better know ourselves.

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Bring the power of the present moment to enrich your life in more ways than you thought possible. The time is NOW.

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