Gaining Access To The Present Moment Is The Key

Awareness of the NOW has always been the opening for inner transformation. Learn how to make the present moment your primary state of being. Take that next step.

Meet other like minded people in a group online guided meditation and inquiry.

Learn new ways to manage negative reactions and return to the present moment.

Personal sessions from the comfort of your own home through video chat or by phone.

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Seeing Deeply

Take a break from the madness and go within with this short meditation video to guide you deep inside yourself. Treasures lie within you. When you make the decision to venture into the now, the universe rejoices. The mind made self, the ego, is afraid of the light of your awareness. You only need to…

Healing Within

The healing begins when you start to venture inward. It cannot happen without this step. Finding peace is no easy task, but when you are dedicated to awakening you begin to make it your number one priority. Take a little time to go within as you watch this video, and notice how light you will…

How To Transform Your Job

Is your job devoid of meaning? Can’t seem to be inspired at work? Well, it may be because you’re going about it all wrong. In order to make your work more meaningful, you may need to change the how as opposed to the what. How you approach whatever you do is ninety percent of it.…

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