Gaining Access To The Present Moment Is The Key

Awareness of the NOW has always been the opening for inner transformation. Learn how to make the present moment your primary state of being. Take that next step.

Meet other like minded people in a group online guided meditation and inquiry.

Learn new ways to manage negative reactions and return to the present moment.

Personal sessions from the comfort of your own home through video chat or by phone.

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Guided Meditation Video

A short meditation to guide you into a deeper state of being. It’s easy to be swayed by the judgements of the mind. Situations aren’t usually the problem, it is the way we choose to see them that cause the suffering. To put it more simply, it is the identification with the mind.

Wave Of Emotion

Emotions are similar to the waves of the ocean. Sometimes you can withstand the pounding, but occasionally one will pick you up and dump you on the rocks. This is when we need to accept that emotions are a part of the awakening process. Feeling them is integral to this process. Without it you willContinue reading “Wave Of Emotion”

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